10 most expensive cheese in the world

10 most expensive cheese in the worldEveryone knows that cheese is a very common food and used almost everywhere in the world. It is considered an elegant product as chocolates. Related cheeses are very interesting in flavor because their production and preparation distinguishes the ordinary. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most expensive cheese in the world.


Winn mere is a very tasty cheese also won as the best of all at the conference of the American Cheese Society which was held in 2013.
Although it is expensive, it is affordable compared to other cheeses in the world. And has a very distinctive flavor, it comes in wrapped paper. The price of this product is estimated at nearly $ 30 characterized accessible

Beaufort D’ete

Beaufort is made in the French Alps and is the best product in the world, as it melts perfectly. It is mainly used in combination with salmon and wine, because of its creamy texture, and has a perfect and distinct smell.
It is very popular all over the world and is used as well. It is difficult obtained by the production method that makes it unique and tasty. The price of this product is $ 35 for each 0.45 kg.

Gorau Glas

Gorau Glas is a cheese that surprises all lovers of this food for their introduction around the world. It is imported from a small Welsh farm. At first, it was sold for a low price, but with its popularity, the price rose to $ 40 per 0.45 kg.

Extra Old Bitto

This cheese is very famous. It comes from Hong Kong and enters categorizes Italian cheeses. It was originally invented for presentation only in China market, but is now available in all Asia and Europe as well. It was first manufactured in 1997, wherein a long process. The price of this product is nearly $ 150 per 0.45 kg.

Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar

The Wyche cheese is commonly to be used with white truffles and gold leaf to complete the look and give more flavor to the dish. It is regarded as a great luxury product available from US $ 190 and has a long history in the world and famous today

Clawson Stilton Gold

The British Stilton is very elegant and is different from any cheese. It is produced by injecting golden liquor and is decorated with gold leaf that has also edible. The price of this luxury food item is nearly $ 450 per 0.45 kg. It is loved by all the famous and rich celebrities because of the different and high prices flavor.

Elk House Cheese

Elk is obtained from moose milk only from a few farmers. It is very expensive because it is rare, not common on the planet. It is quite popular in Sweden and comes in different qualities.
The moose milk is very rare in the world, as only 300 kg of the milk appear throughout the year. The price of this product is $ 455 for each 0.45 kg to access this rare cheese and taste something different.

Skip Cheese

Skip is a cheese highly ordered world because it is very rare, the reason being to perform very expensive too. It is made from milk obtained Balkan donkeys that is the reason the price of this cheese is $ 600 for each 0.45 kg, especially in third position in this selection.
Only a few donkeys of this species are found across the globe. These donkeys are in Zasavica, and almost 25 liters of this milk are used to make only 1 kg cheese.

Caciocavallo Padolico

The name of this cheese shows that it is an Italian and is famous in the world for taste and price. The price of this cheese is $ 650 for each 0.45 kg, and the second position in this selection of the 10 most expensive cheese in the world. This cheese is obtained from cow’s milk production.
You get a very rare breed of cow that is only available in Italy. In summers, these cows will advance to the mountains to eat strawberries, cherries gives this cheese different flavor and most luxurious also.

Frome Cheese Platter

This is the most luxurious and expensive existing cheese, and its price is about US $ 3,300 for each 0.45 kg. It was released in Frome Cheese Fair conducted in England.
It is considered not only expensive, but the rarest cheese on the planet. It is mainly served with truffle and edible gold leaf so that it fully with luxurious flavor. It is served on a silver tray on chic board because of the high price of the dish, and its leading position in this selection of the 10 most expensive cheese in the world.

Make Money Online

Most Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Easy Ways to Make Money Online=Currently there are more options to make money and make a living than ever before. But in recent years, largely due to the internet, a ton of opportunities was moved and raised for everyone, now anyone can make money from the comfort of home.
Some work online only to supplement the income of full – time work while others work online and complete activity. In this selection are highlighted the 10 easiest ways to make money online.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

A very simple way to make money online is by becoming a virtual assistant, which is basically a person who helps a busy person or business with a variety of tasks that can be done online and away from the office real physical space or workspace. Any type of service that includes entries, fingering, attendance, scheduling, a true virtual machine. Larger companies that perform this type of service in the world

Monetizing the website itself

For those who have a group of dedicated readers and some good traffic website, it might be a good idea to create some ads to bring in some extra income.
This can be a good way to make some money, and may even be turned into a career full time if the audience is large enough. The best part about it is that even when the individual is not actively (sleeping) adding content or information to the site itself, there is income generation through ads. The best ad option can currently be found in Google Adsense .

Becoming an affiliate marketer

The affiliate program is essentially the idea of being rewarded for bringing traffic and an audience for the product of another person, blog or website.
This can be very rewarding if the audience itself is great, active and are interested in affiliate that is working. One common way this works is PPC, which is Pay Per Click, then it obtained a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on the link to the affiliate sites. The platform Hotmart is the most used in Brazil for info-products affiliate, but there dozens of others and even large e-commerce have their own system.

Selling a product

This is another option that is extremely popular with the online public. As you know, now almost everything can be bought and sold online, then it is a very common and true way to make money online. While it may be difficult and expensive to be noticed and find customers, there are some effective ways to make niche markets innovating. In the free market , you do not need to have an online store and can reach a large audience.

Sell services provided by other

This is another amazing idea to make money online without a long-term effort ton, but it will take a short-term. The name of the game for this option is to find a niche or service to offer, and then hire contractors who are proficient in that service.

Sell services personally

In contrast the sale of services that others offer, is also very popular to sell online services personally. A site that is very popular at the moment is where individuals offer their services in a variety of different niches for anyone worldwide. In Brazil, the most popular is the GetNinjas .

paid review

This is an increasingly popular option for those with enough followers or on a website, blog or social media account. Popular “reviews” works as follows: A person who has a broad understanding of the subject will seek other and offer a revision (evaluation) of their product, service or website, and will post a review on the site who did the work, by a rate.

writing content

This is a way that is quite easy to enter, but can be difficult to make decent money unless you really dedicate yourself and work hard. There are a ton of online publications, content sites and other places that are always looking for more articles or content writers. Originality is what will make the difference.

Monetize their own social media account

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and other popular social media platforms available today, there is a high probability that all his acquaintances are at least one of them. So for anyone who is already on a platform and has a popular page with a decent amount of interaction and large audience, there is no reason not to make some money through it.
You can make a lot of money by publishing ads in their own tweets or posts Instagram. Companies or blogs will pay an interesting amount of money to have a popular user in posting a link in a tweet. And monetizing their own social media account is second place in this selection.

Become a freelancer

Perhaps the easiest way to make more money online is to offer his own knowledge and services as a freelancer. A freelancer is essentially anyone who works on their own, performs work for a variety of clients without being connected, committed to a particular customer in the long term.
The activity of the freelancer can be done in a number of different areas such as writing, web design, graphic design, social media and more. The is the largest platform of interaction between employers and self-employed professionals in the world.


Top 10 countries with the highest number of airports

Top 10 countries with the highest number of airportsAll countries in the world have airports for communication with other countries or for internal communications. But the highest number of airports indicates how developed is a country in its internal and external communications. In this selection are highlighted 10 countries with the highest number of airports.


In 2004, the group as a whole airport served nearly 14 million passengers, with 72% of total traffic through the Cancun Airport. Passenger traffic grew by 14% with an additional 1.7 million passengers traveling through ASUR airports.
Now they have 1,834 airports in total, and 97% of airports serving the traveling passenger. As one of the most visited countries in the world, tourists arrive each month through the aircraft.


France is the largest country in Western Europe. It is also the richest country in Western Europe, and fifth largest in area and second largest economy in Europe by nominal GDP.
With the expansion of their industries, they have a large number of airports for which perform exports, the people of France and tourists travel here and there. And they have 20 major commercial airports and 100 to 200 other airports for internal communications using private planes.

United Kingdom

Air travel is part of the major communication systems in the UK. The air transport system in this country is the commercial transportation of passengers, cargo, both within the UK and between this country and the rest of the world.
Over the past 25 years, with the rise of industry and the demand for air travel is to increase the current level of 236 million passengers to 465 million in 2030. Almost half of people in the UK take the shortest journey by air travel. The London Heathrow Airport is among the 10 busiest airports in the world .


As the sixth largest country by total area , air travel is one of the largest leisure days for Australians. As the price is low, people of all classes enjoy the journey through aircraft, helicopters, among others.
In 2004, the total number of airport is 448 that was not enough for them at that time. The government realized the importance of airports to expand industries, as well as the communication system with this world.


The situation of air traffic in Germany’s airports is characterized by high consumption capacity at major airports and little use in many other airports.
As Germany is a country well developed in Europe, the main transport system for communication with the world is the air. After many years of strong growth, demand for air transport services is stagnating in some markets.
The traffic at 18 international airports in Germany reached a peak volume of 142 million passengers in 2000, falling to 135 million in 2002 .


With the rapid expansion of civil aviation industry, in 2008 China had total of 147 civilian airports of all sizes and types in operation, of which 45 airports for military-civilian use. The investment in the country ‘s aviation industry is likely to reach 230 billion over the next 5 years.
China’s investment has increased since the turn of the century. From 2005 to 2010, 33 new airports were built, bringing the total number of airports to 175 in 2010.


Canada has total 1,332 airports. But in Canada, air travel to lower class family is like a dream. The high fees and taxes, people lose interest in air travel.


The main regions of Russia enjoy good air cover and the country has a total of 1,260 airports. Of these, 70 are considered international airports offering a wide range of airlines and flight tickets than other, smaller than Russian airports.
Between all airports in Russia, Domodedevo International is the largest in the country in terms of passenger traffic and cargo , Russia and third position in this selection.


Brazil has over 4000 airports in which the country’s people and tourists traveling by different regions and several countries. Among all of them, the International Airport Sao Paulo – Guarulhos is the busiest and largest airport.


This country has the largest number of airports, more than 15,000 airports, with leading position in this selection. Among them all, the busiest and the second largest in the country is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
However, all airports in metropolitan New York, combined, create the largest airport system in the country, the second in the world in passenger traffic and the first in the world in total flight operations.


Brush Board During Capillary Transition?

Brush Board During Capillary TransitionMany girls who are facing the capillary transition are in doubt about the use of brush / board during this process to disguise the difference in textures. Those who follow the caches know we usually recommend hairstyles, texturing, a good cut and a pinch of patience to go through this period. We do not usually recommend the use of brush and board during the transition, but of course you have all free will to do it.

Pass through the capillary transition without brushing / rancher can always be cool in that you will be able to observe how your natural hair is , test products and see which works best, follow the growth process and even if used to the volume that is a different the straightened hair. Sometimes you have to (re) learn to take care of your wavy / curly / frizzy. Capillary Transition is a process that goes beyond the hair for many women because it involves an internal change that is happening as the wires grow. If you spend the whole transition just sloshing may feel “strange” with natural hair and believe that he “does not match” with you. If you find that brushing / rancher hair will not slow you down in shade, all right! The important thing is to face the capillary transition in the best possible way. Here are some tips if you are thinking of brushing / rancher in transition:

thermal protector

Besides considering that it is important to know your natural hair to learn how to take care of it, a point of concern that should be considered is the damage caused by brush / board, which can further weaken the hair in hair transition. Dryer and the iron are heat sources and used excessively damaging the yarn structure. So if brushing / rancher not forget the thermal protector.


Even with the use of the shield, try not to overdo in temperature of the dryer and the board. In the market there are boards that reach 450 ° C for example. That’s a lot! To prevent damage to curls, set these items to a lower temperature around 185 ° C at most 200 ° C depending on the case. High temperatures are generally indicated for specific chemical processes such as progressive. Expose your hair daily to the board may harm the health of the wires, especially if your hair is already reseted.

Cleaning tools

The brushes and the surface of the board can carry waste straighteners / progressive / relaxing. With the heat and contact with the wires there is a risk that such waste be transferred to the wires, stretching some curl for example. If you are in transition and abandoned the use of these chemical straighteners, make sure to thoroughly clean these items before using themes the instructions of these materials.

Use with moderation

If your hair is already very damaged by the action of straightening products, relaxants, progressive, etc.; it might be more interesting to take care of it and decrease the use of flat iron. If you really feel the need to brush / rancher try letting your wires breathe some days of the week, take some time to elaborate carefully in moisturizing and nutrition’s.

Try other possibilities

In addition to brush / board you can try different texturing, can semiprecious hairstyles and can even Capri char in finalizing and leave free street, light and loose, without necessarily texturing, brush, etc. Some girls find super boring devote time to texturing and of course, you need not be hostage of them! Do when you want to change the look 🙂


10 phrases on marriage that every groom should read before marrying

10 phrases on marriage that every groom should read before marrying

The big day is coming! Anxiety, nervousness, joy, fear, doubt … To help calm the nerves (or make them more agitated), separated some messages that every groom should read before going to the altar!

1. I’m going to marry, but what does it mean?

The main factor that will make the couple move toward marriage must already exist before this takes effect: the union.
A couple who are not truly united and fellow probably never be able to build a happy marriage.

2. How to fight an enemy called “routine”?

After some time together is normal you create a routine (and this is normal and healthy!), But do not let it take care of all your relationship!
Your wedding should be like a ladder where the rungs never end … Take the hand of your partner (or partner) and always continue to explore, discover and climb!

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3. There is no perfect husband!

There is no perfect human being, let alone a husband! And one of the things that can ruin a marriage, you find that the other person will always be perfect!
Always remember that respect and sincerity are the main ingredients for any relationship and closer to reach perfection.

4. The math is simple: add and multiply!

When a couple use based on true love, the desire for growth is mutual. Not only grow as a couple, but as individual human beings. Marriage should highlight the best qualities of each person!

5. What is essential to the wedding?

We talk and we repeat: be honest and mate with a loved one is the foundation for a happy marriage!
If you feel that a lack of these qualities in your relationship, it may be better to think twice before marrying …

6. If you join, but without forgetting the individuality of each!

Dramatics Shakespearean part … With years of living together, it is normal you add some personality traits of your partner you.
But, as said, couples should complement! Do not make your personality overshadow or annul the companion or partner, for example.
There cannot be a “leader” or “head” in marriage. You must act on the basis of mutuality and understanding of the particularities of each. Remember this!

7. The best best man you could have …

You will not find a “godfather” more perfect for your wedding than LOVE!
For a happy marriage, use and abuse of our valuable “friend”!

8. A wedding is a wonderful journey of discovery!

As much as you will know, the daily living and the years pass together, will allow them to discover every day new things that will love the other person even more!

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9. On that day you start writing your story!

It may seem a bit pessimistic, but what Mr. Wilde meant is that the marriage came time to build your story as a book that, from now on, you will write together!
Is not it pretty? Marriage is understanding, acceptance, love and mutual respect! If you think you are ready to take this important step in their relationship, we only have one more tip: BE HAPPY!
Oh, and we expect the invitation to the party!

10.If I find a love to love, I do not love. 

If I look for: looking for someone to love myself. If I choose love what I love, I do not love. If I choose: I chose to love me through somebody. And if love pick me without looking, I run away. If I try to run it’s late, love found me. And the love that is expected, no one escapes.